1. Pick a size! If you need some advice on this don't hesitate to email me ( If you decide on a different size after you've already put down a deposit, that's totally fine. I will adjust the invoice for the remaining balance accordingly. 
  2. Submit an order form through my website.

  3. Email me ( the photos you'd like me to see and let me know if there is one in particular that you want to use. It is generally pretty helpful if you send me more than one, even if there's a photograph you're totally set on. It really helps me get a feeling of the animals' personalities. If you have a bunch (more than 10) and can't decide, I am happy to look through a Dropbox, Instagram account, or Flickr folder (or something like that). If the pet is no longer with us and you only have physical photographs, feel free to contact me and I will tell you where you can mail them and I will return them safely when the portrait is finished. Another option will be to scan the photos. I may ask you to take digital photographs of the photos so I can make sure they will work before we go through the trouble of sending them in the mail or scanning them. The photograph is the most important part of this process, and I apologize ahead of time if I am a little picky when it comes to this (it will be worth it!). For more information on what I'm looking for in a photograph and tips for taking photos please reference my page on photographs.

  4. I will send you an invoice for a non-refundable 50% deposit via email with my address so that you may mail me a check or I can send you an invoice via Square. Your payment of the deposit and approval of my terms through filling out an order form will ensure your spot in my queue.

  5. When I send you the invoice, I will tell you an estimate as to when I can start your portrait. If you are hoping to have it sooner than my estimate, rush fees may apply.

  6. Before I start painting, I will send you a scaled cropped version of the photo we decide to use. This is to make sure you're happy with the layout and composition before I get too involved in the portrait. Any major revisions after the cropped photo has been approved and I have started painting may require compensation.

  7. I will send you "progress" photos of the painting to get any feedback you may have.

  8. I paint the background last, so once the animal is finished, it is easier to imagine what different background colors will look like. If you have a few in mind and can't decide, I can insert the background color into Photoshop so you can better visualize the outcome!

  9. Once you are 100% satisfied with the painting, I will spray it with a protective varnish. I use Golden's MSA UVLS Archival Varnish Spray (Mineral Spirit Acrylic with Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers). I will sign it and install hanging hardware on the back. 

  10. I will send you an invoice (or you send me a check) for the remaining balance and the cost for shipping if necessary.

  11. If you are local (Boston area), I invite you to come meet me at my studio in Somerville to pick up the painting and give me a check or cash for the remaining balance. If you can bring the subject of my painting you will make my day! If it's hard for you to schedule a time to pick up the painting with me, I may be able to figure out a way to meet you somewhere. 

  12. If you are not local, I will package your painting and ship it via the United States Postal Service. I use Priority Mail, which includes tracking, and I will insure the painting for its value. You will receive an email from me when it has been shipped, with its tracking number (trackable on the USPS website). All domestic shipping will require a signature upon delivery. If you are not home while your package is delivered, the postal worker will leave behind a peach slip with information on how to pick up your package at your local post office. 

  13. Please let me know once your painting has been delivered safely! If possible, take a photograph of your pet(s) with his or her painting as I love to share these photos on my social media! If you can get a video of the recipient opening their Pawblo painting, I would LOVE to see that as well!

  14. I would greatly appreciate a testimonial from you if you were satisfied with your painting and the entire process. If you wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to fill out this testimonial form, it will help me a lot!

Taking Care of Your Painting

  • Keep your painting out of direct sunlight! It will have a varnish on it that will protect it from damaging UV rays, but this varnish will not protect it forever!
  • Watch the corners of your painting. These areas are the most susceptible to damage and chipping.  
  • If the painting becomes dusty, use a soft bristled (sable) brush on the surface. Other types of dusters (i.e. feather dusters), may leave behind particles on the surface of the painting, and it is generally not a good idea to use any type of liquid on the surface of the painting.
  • Let me know if any other issues arise and I will work to help you come up with a solution! You may consider contacting a local art conservator if you encounter any major damage. You can find a list of local conservators through the "Find a Conservator" function on the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) website
  • For more information on taking care of paintings and other household items please refer to this page on the AIC website.